lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Socorro and Parque dos Sonhos in Brazil

Hey everybody! i am sure you can not guess the hour this picture was taken... very early in the morning and we still did not know the piles of fun we were going to have!!! From left to right: Craig Grimes, Nelida Barbeito, Joedson Nunes, Jani Nayar, Bruna Mendes, Scott Rains and Ricardo Shimosakai. We were less than an hour away from Socorro, a wonderful city with a park never better called... Dreams Park, both are really willing to receive people with all kinds of challenges. And there we went to enjoy, learn and to let people in our various countries know that there is a wonderful city with great hotel services and very well trained people to let your stay be wonderfull, adventurous, peaceful, and also a space to learn about sustainable production from coffee beans to the national brazilian elixir 'cashasa' (not sure it is well writen but the main ingredient for caipirinha, close to vodka). The seven of us went down in 'tirolesa do panico' The Panic Zip Line! It runs almost 1 kilometer in the air, over a river, buildings and the edge of a very steep rock. All that in only 50 seconds, running, or better said sliding down at 55km per hour. I shouted all the way, opened my legs and arms trying to get a hold of the sun, the silence and the beauty of the landscape. In the picture I am with the very well trained helpers that were holding my arms while i was going down the giant stone. Two minutes after the only two things that would be holding me would be those two steel cables. After that the adventure was not over, we went with the people of 'base 55' to roll in 4w cuatricycle, 15 miles across red soil, stones, great coffee plantations and a gift of God, a wonderful down on the hills, Luciano was our leader, he was the first in the row. Leader is the best word to describe him, he does his work with pasion, the feeling that one can only have when he loves what he does. Former car and moto racer he is a very very good and patient teacher. We really enjoyed that experiece!

In the last picture you can see Luciano making sure Ricardo is well secured, also his partner standing in the back of the picture overlooking that we were all great. He was afterwards in charge of filming us and taking us pictures, he even made us believe we were Hollywood stars!!!
Next time we want to come to Socorro for a day or two!!! Definetly one day is not enough.
A tip, for women there is an outlet shopping mall of wonderful t-shirts!!!! anddd more and more to see, a crist, yes the same as the Rio one but in Socorro.
What a wonderful experience!!!
Hope to be there soon for more!!!
Coming soon a package to enjoy Sao Paulo and Socorro for a week, wait for more. Cheers, Nélida.

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Izabella dijo...

Olá Nélida, tudo bem?
Sou Izabella, trabalho no Parque dos Sonhos.
Esta semana, de 28 a 30 de setembro, será realizado o Congresso Brasileiro de Turismo Acessível aqui em Socorro.
O objetivo do evento é permitir que os Secretários Estaduais de Turismo e os municípios paulistas discutam sobre ações fundamentais para subsidiar políticas publicas que assegurem os direitos das pessoas com deficiência.

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