jueves, 8 de enero de 2009


Hello everybody! Happy new year! I apologize for being so silent in the blog, the cause, fortunately is lots of work. I’ll try to keep you posted in English, Portuguese and Spanish that will be my challenge for 2009.
Whether you stroll in a scooter, in a wheelchair or with a cane, Buenos Aires is an amazing city to visit, although it is not the most accessible city with some cool tips, your stay could be a one not to forget.

You will hear most of the people complaining about the shape of streets, avenues and ramps if existing. There are a lot more ramps than they used to be five to ten years ago but still they are not enough. There is still a lot to do as it is a big city in a country not very conscious of the accessibility issues. As always in life you can see the glass half full or half empty. I always chose it to see it full.

I have been writing a lot in the blog, but not in English, so my anglo friends want me to jot down what I do.
So let’s start from the very beginning, I went to University to study tourism and after getting my degree I specialized in Accessible Tourism.

As Argentina is not known for being very accessible an experienced travel agent is needed in order not to have surprises as for accessibility matters in: public and private transportation, hotel facilities and tourist services.

I do it for people that live in Argentina and want to visit other parts of the world as well as for people that comes from abroad and want to visit all the Argentinean wonders.
As for foreigners coming to Argentina let me tell you that the number one in the WANTED TO GO ranking is visiting The Patagonia, then the waterfalls and the northwest Andean mountains. And lately the wine trails are ones of always increasing fame.

Believe it or not in a NOT VERY STANDARIZED ACCESSIBLE COUNTRY, practicing rafting, scuba diving and paragliding is a lot easier than strolling in a downtown street or wanting to use the toilet in a restaurant.
This brief was about what I do in the industry of tourism as for accessible travelling services, to come later on, Accessibility in hotels and tango shows and Interviews to dearest friends and their trips to the best places in Argentina.